So I’ve been cycling in and out of depression over my art for the past few days. You know, the typical “I suck, I can’t paint, look at how amazing this artist is” usual drab every artist goes through… Then I found this video… And you know what? It’s true, instead of worrying about being good enough, I should just keep trying. I’m sure I’ll have boughts of depression still, but at least I’ll be an ACTIVE depressed artist XD

Thanks to colben for getting me in the African Wild Dog mood :)

20 minute rough study and speed painting. You’d be surprised how much you can “see” when you force yourself to work in twenty minutes.

Some nerdy looking sexy dude.

bloop bloop.

I am still drawing, just not a whole lot. I did a bunch of lines during my free time, will be updating them as the day goes prolly. 

Anonymous :
your anatomy is absolutely divine! do you have any tips for people starting to learn it? i find i get very easily overwhelmed by it

Wow! Thank you! <3

I’m not the best person to talk about anatomy since I’m still learning tips and tricks and tend to exaggerate some features (such as eyes and head, etc) because it’s part of my preferred “idealized” style… but this is pretty much the steps I took to get where I am today and whether or not it will help you is completely up to the individual learning. Many people learn in different ways, and some methods may be more helpful for some people than others… Prepare for a long-winded response, but I hope it helps you!

I gotta say, and as every artists will likely agree, drawing good -anything- comes from practice. You’ve heard it a million times, but I’m still gonna say it. Drawing a LOT and not giving up are essential. I’ve seen too many artist fall into despair when things don’t go the way they want the first few times and they give up. Diligence is the key to successful art, just keep at it! You don’t learn to ride a bike without first trying training wheels or learn to swim without water wingies and practice. Obviously there are a few cases where people just pick things up naturally, but let’s just assume those people are “prodigies” just like there are prodigies in art… The reason kids can do it is because I’m fairly certain that kids see accomplishments like bike riding and swimming as a symbol of becoming an adult and thus are much more motivated than those learning something new as an adult (a lot of adults believe the whole “can’t teach an old dog new tricks” and that’s simply not true!). Adults are weird like that and succumb to despair quite easily, I find. Speaking also on my own personal life where I find learning a lot harder as an adult than when I was a kid. Children only see potential, and that’s why a lot of artists say they have been drawing “since they were little” probably because they were most motivated to draw at that age.

Now there are always tools and guides that can help you stay motivated and keep a constant workflow. One of the first things I would suggest is to draw from life, but sometimes (especially for beginners) drawing from life is a lot more complicated than you expect. Sure, you can go out and take life drawing classes or sit in a cafe and do gestures, but if you don’t know how to draw in the first place, doing something like simply looking at a figure and being told to “just draw what you see” can be very scary and intimidating! “What am I suppose to be seeing? I can see a foot, but how am I supposed to draw it?”. Well let me tell you… This is what I went through when I was learning. How does one draw what they see? If I don’t know how to draw a foot, then how do I draw it? The answer is simple shapes.

If you don’t know what you’re doing or what exactly you’re supposed to be “seeing”, I would highly recommend reading Betty Edward’s Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. This book helped me learn to “see” color, to “see” shapes in everyday form, to “see” contours and depth variations in everyday life. After reading this book, I started noticing a lot of small details I never noticed before and started really understanding how images are formed and how colors are used in life. Sure, I’ve been drawing since I was little but by understanding what I was doing, I was able to improve ten fold. Also, the book is super cheap and you can find it on Amazon! Yay!

The next thing I suggest is checking out Proko’s videos on gesture drawing and forming the figure. Once you think you can identify simple shapes used to make up parts of the body, Proko’s video tutorials are very helpful in utilizing that information in a way that can get you to start understand anatomy and form. Just type “Proko” in youtube and you should find it right at the top.

Once you get basic forms and gestures down, then you can focus on learning details such as how the skeleton works, how muscles work on the body, and why the body has lumps and bumps in certain places and not in others. Understanding how body parts bend and move is very, very, important. You must know the limitations of the human body before you can start drawing, cause sometimes… things just don’t bend that way!

Teachers will say you have to spend an arm and a leg on a detailed anatomy model that shows the muscles, but in all honesty, if you don’t have the money, you don’t need it. I never needed it. I was fine with studying anatomy books for artists and looking at my own body in the mirror (yes, you can use your own body for reference! You are human afterall!). And hell, we got the internet, right? Why use a clunky statue when you can go to!!! It’s very bare bones, only has one body type, and kinda doesn’t have skin, but it’s worth checking out cause you can rotate the 3D models and it really helps!

So yeah, draw from life, read some books, watch some things, and practice! And if you want to know if a pose is possible, try doing it yourself. If you can’t do it, chances are your characters can’t either. Errrr, at least not naturally, anyway.

Last but not least… Study other amazing artists. If you stare at Renaissance art or Baroque period art long enough, and maybe try to repaint a master works you really enjoy, chances are you’ll figure out their tricks. IT IS OK TO COPY SOMETHING FOR LEARNING PURPOSESESES, JUST DON’T STEAL IT AND CALL IT YOURS. In fact, don’t even post it unless you’re gonna say “hey I drew a thing based on this thing -insert link-“ cause that is wrong and just don’t do it unless you give the credit and CLEARLY STATE it was for learning purposes, yo.

Lastly, draw through the form and use your construction lines! See things in the “round”. And if you really want to get serious about anatomy, learn to sculpt.

Sculpting really helps you understand how to see forms from all angles. You don’t have to be good at it, you just need to have a basic idea. Make a stick figure out of clay and look at it from all angles. Study the foreshortening of limbs and how perspective works on the figure.

It sounds like a lot, but if you really want to learn something, you do it, right? The best stuff doesn’t come for free, you have to put in the effort. I’ve been drawing for a long time because I have a passion for art. I love it with all my soul and I wanted it to be a career. It took me a lot of practice and hard work to get this far. And if you’re in college, get a good teacher that will help you and challenge you to draw better. You’re not going to get better if you art teacher just lets you do what you want, you need to be motivated to push yourself and a good art teacher might be a little mean, but they are just trying to help you. Don’t ever settle with easy.

Phew! Hope that helps :) Now get drawing!

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I finally got my cintiq and finally got time to start a new project between my misc other projects! Please ignore the obvious flaws, those will be fixed when I start rendering more! I just wanted to draw a buff warrior lady riding sidesaddle cause I’ve been drawing horses all week, might as well put it to use!

Wah! I drew Drake’s OC, Arden because he’s a cutey patooty and Yarly thinks so too. Arden is Drake’s conceptual comic/story character that is in the works and I just love drawing him and Yarly, they are the cutiest couple!

Ok, it is late, g’night now, bye-bye!

Hey! I saw your Liliana Vess picture and oh my lanta it's amazeballs! I was wondering if I could you it as my Liliana rp blogs profile picture please? :)

Psssssh, hey, if you like it go ahead and use it! Just give me credit :) Glad you liked it and thanks for asking :)

I hit a new milestone!!! :3 I will have to… I dunno, do a draws giveaway or something… I will think about it REALLY HARD and post something in the next few days.

Also, HELLO NEW FOLLOWERS! :D I hope you like fantasy ladies and butts and MTG fanart cause that’s what you’re gonna get cause I dunno I like those things I guess or something or other…. Yes. Also, Zelda stuff and animal stuff because I’m taking an animal drawing class so lots of animal drawing. You know what? Just everything. Everything like chocolate and donuts and kittens. :3

"My sexy dude sketch turned into Ganon" omfg I’m laughing


My sexy dude sketch turned into Ganon and then turned into a simple bust painting. I have no regrets.

I am bored and when I’m bored I draw nudes. Dumb scribbly stuff that I don’t know what to do with while I wait for my cintiq to arrive. I’m going to be doodling like this all day, so I’ll mass post later or something with the best of the sketches. Practice, practice, practice!

Anonymous :
Hello there!!! I was wondering if I could save your painting tutorial gif and send it to a friend of mine?? He doesn't have a tumblr so I thought I should have your permission first...

Yeah, that’s cool! Long as you ain’t reposting without credit, it’s completely cool with me :) Also, I have it on deviantart, as well - - and that can be linked to anyone!

It…. Is finished… My work here is done.