My name is Amber and I draw things when I'm not busy with school or work. I'm an Illustration major and I love video games and fantasy stuff. I'm a little shy, really short, and I'm also a huge dork. :) Welcome!

did some quick art for my boyfriend of his two characters, Yarly and Arden :) They are a cute couple in swim suits <3

Maaaan, it feels good to color like this again, haven’t done simple colors in a while since I’ve been doing so many prints @_@

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Finished iPad Air sketch. My first try using procreate and the Jot touch 4! Still need to get used to drawing on the screen and learning the program, but not bad for my first time! :)

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I did a picture of an elemental mage about a year or so ago and decided to sketch her again from memory during class. I liked the sketch so I am posting it here along with the original piece. Forgot the cape, though…

Also, you guys are so awesome. My first piece that hit over 300 notes is at 600 or something… Wow, I never thought I would get that many. Ever. I’m overwhelmed, really. :’) THESE ARE TEARS OF JOY -sobs- 

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Designing some new OCs so here are some quick, boring sketches of boring poses. :D Prolly gonna use the orc as my website mascot or something…

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Oh yeah, I forgot to upload this here! This will be a print I am selling at APE this weekend in San Fran! :D

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APE is next week,you guys! I’m still alive, but been busy working on some new prints to sell in San Francisco :) Here is a peak at a print to come! If you guys want some new prints or CUSTOM HANDMADE RESIN PENDANT NECKLACES fitted with a small original watercolor drawing, then you know where to go ;) I’ll have more info soon! <3 In the meantime, here is some line art! 

Colors!~ :)

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Some quick lines before bed. Wip of my next speed paint :)

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Ahhhh, I’m desperate for money and I’ve never done adoptables before so I don’t know how this works, sorry! So ummm… Here are some “chibis” I’ve designed. I’m letting them go completely and utterly (the rights belong to you, no strings attached, do what you want with them!) for $10 bucks each! The price includes edits/gender swaps/color changes/ and basic clothing edits by me upon request. You will also receive a higher res transparent background version via email :) Paypal only! 

I’m not sure if this will work but if you’d like a character you can leave me an ask here on tumblr or a note on my DA page, maybe?

1. Tauren Female: Rah-Nora

2. Demon Female: Basillia SOLD

3. Drow Male: Roiben SOLD

4. Robot Female: L33N4 (Leena)

5. Weregator Female: Cecile

Names are just placeholders, you don’t have to keep them that way.

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Final commission is complete. :) This character is Fal’enath! I think all these commissions are helping me improve little by little!

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It is that time again when I really need money. I am opening five slots for bust commissions like these. Reblogs and likes are greatly appreciated! The busts will be 300 dpi from chest up (these images are shoulders up).  Paypal only.

1: NoireBlanc

2: Vicsinn

3: dandere-noxian

4: limespices

5: Jaivyn

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More sketches.

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Oh my gosh, I finally finished this. It was so hot the colors would dry before I got to blend so it took a while! Beauty taking a dip in the river to wash off her ceremony paint. my scanner sucks. :<

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I was listening to Synthetica (which is and awesome album, btw) and out popped this wildebeest-like wood elf girl (Thinking about naming her Beauty, get it? Beauty the Beast? Eh? Ehhh?) Anyway! I am in LOVE with her hair, it’s so funky! I think she will become a permanent race in my world lore. Done in Sai, about an hour and fifteen minutes.

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Yay! I think I’m steadily getting better at watercolor and applying my own style to it. What do you think?

Mother and Daughter elves. The daughter is above the mother because she is going to take over and become the next ruler and the mother is submitting. Is the daughter cruel with her aloof stare or is she just prepared for her coronation?

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