My name is Amber and I draw things when I'm not busy with school or work. I'm an Illustration major and I love video games and fantasy stuff. I'm a little shy, really short, and I'm also a huge dork. :) Welcome!

So if you guys want to know what you get for commissioning me for $25, this is a good example. This is the first commission request I got from Raxion on DA of one of Dragol’s characters as a gift to her. The characters is supposed to be pure evil and demonic and wields a big polearm thing.

Gave me good practice with drawing some weapons. I think it turned out rather nice! This was a character sheet so it has a simple background but I will put backgrounds if you like! :D Commission slots are still available if you’d like one leave me an ask in my ask box!

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Drew my version of chorocojo’s (Red) Demon Chick. :) Did this for fun to help loosen up the ol’ fingers before going back to work on commissions. She’s so fun to draw @_@

I changed her armor… cause I suck at armor… Don’t judge me or I’ll eat you! >:D