My name is Amber and I draw things when I'm not busy with school or work. I'm an Illustration major and I love video games and fantasy stuff. I'm a little shy, really short, and I'm also a huge dork. :) Welcome!

Finished this orc ladeh print, it will be available at Wondercon! I’ll make a post later this week regarding time, place, and my table location! Also, say hello to my new pretty banner :3

posting lines wip because I haven’t posted anything in a while. Looks boring right now but I promise it will look better when it’s colored! Hopefully!

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Floating orc surfer girl head in spaaaace!

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Two more print line wips. Orc Surfer and Sanjuro.

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Designing some new OCs so here are some quick, boring sketches of boring poses. :D Prolly gonna use the orc as my website mascot or something…

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Just got done after an intense weekend at WonderCon! Thanks to everyone who helped me realize that art is what I should be doing and giving your encouraging words, it really means a lot! Sorry I haven’t updated in a while so here is one of the prints I sold at the con to make up for it. My website has been (sort of) updated with almost all the prints I sold at the show and some other things. I’ll be working on the website and updating more drawings very soon! If anyone would like a sketchbook or print from me, just leave me a note or a message at :) You guys rock!

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Head is Finished. More work to be done but I’m so lazy it’s taking forever. I’ve only put about 2 hours of work into this so far, messing around with colors and textures, undoing and redoing bits and pieces. She’s coming along but rather slowly.

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Working on this for the home page of my website! This along with others will be up in my gallery as well :)

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This is a water dragon and my version of an orc female. Sketches on two separate pieces of paper and Photoshopped together. Orc design was based off of an attempt to make a pretty orc female without making her look too human and I came up with Penelope from that movie and changed her around a bit to fit into the orc style. The dragon is a weird combo of a duck, barracuda, monitor lizard, serpent, thing.

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