My name is Amber and I draw things when I'm not busy with school or work. I'm an Illustration major and I love video games and fantasy stuff. I'm a little shy, really short, and I'm also a huge dork. :) Welcome!

Quickie sketch of my friend’s were-jaguar in human form done in open canvas. :3

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Quick little Tibalt sketch/painting thing. Yay fanart! (It’s small because I forgot to put it at 300 dpi, my bad!)

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Another commission piece finished! This one was done for my friend, Chorocojo (Red)! This is his character Datgal. She is super cute and super fun to draw! And LOOK, a BACKGROUND, OHMYGOSH! I went all out as a way of thanking him for his generous contribution to the “give me money so I don’t starve” fund. $15+ Commissions are open all summer!

Finally finished the commission I got on DeviantArt from one of my watchers! This is Sweetly-Chaotic’s character, not mine. This is Angelina Lovingheart and according to the information I was given on the character, she’s sweet, girly, cutesy, and loves hearts. Like… really loves hearts. So I made her a pinup/anime style with a romantic color scheme and elegant look. Also made her more cutesy looking. :)

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Forgot to upload this again when I cleaned out my artwork a while back. This is my piece I did for the Team Fortress 2 propaganda Contest that won second place. This is ooooold, but thought it was important to have in my collection.

▫ TF2 ▫ Team Fortress 2 ▫ That BLU Devil ▫ RED ▫ Propaganda ▫ Poster