My name is Amber and I draw things when I'm not busy with school or work. I'm an Illustration major and I love video games and fantasy stuff. I'm a little shy, really short, and I'm also a huge dork. :) Welcome!

Forgot to post this…. Modern Zelda :) This print will be available at Wondercon!

Edit: Sorry, keep playing with the contrast. I hate seeing this on different monitors D:

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I’m trudging through this so slowly. I need more motivation but I’m liking how it’s coming out, I guess, so I’m posting it here. I will finish this today! Hopefully!

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Here’s a hint for an upcoming print! ;)

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TP Link for a friend :)

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Here is a wip clean line art of Quill the Rito from Zelda: The Wind Waker. ‘cept drawn more realistically… sort of. Hope you like it! Oh, and I hate drawing feathers, have I mentioned that already? -not looking forward to coloring them-

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Sneak peek! Here is the sloppy line art I drew for Quill from Wind Waker in one of my art styles. Gonna color it soon! :D Thanks to my friend who re blogged a GIF of Prince Komali for the inspiration (you know who you are!)

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Why am I not inspired to finish this? SOMEONE TELL MEEEEE. D:>

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Happy late Halloween! This is a picture I did for a contest on a forum. Done with Copics, Prismacolor marker, and a little Photoshop magic!

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Two tribal style tattoos I did a few years back influenced by the Zelda games.

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Found this old Christmas sketch in my art folder. I liked it so I am uploading it.

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